The GREITM research group focuses on the impact of digitisation on the firm. The group has three research lines which investigate the impacts of digitisation from three perspectives:

  • Organisational capabilities – this research line considers how digitization impacts firm level processes and capabilities, considering how innovation management and other organisational challenges, such as project management and learning, are evolving in the digital age;
  • Value propositions – this research line considers how digitization impacts the market offerings of new and established firms, primarily considering the role of digitisation in fostering entrepreneurship and marketing activities;
  • Interfirm dependencies – this research line considers how digitization influences the context within which firms operate, considering platform, ecosystem and institutional factors.

The GREITM Research Group has been recognized as a Research Group by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) in the framework of the 2017 SGR Call (2017 SGR 941). We have also been recognized as a member of the tech-transfer TECNIO Developers by ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness of the Catalan Government.


Francesc Miralles Torner
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