This GRETEL research line has as a challenge that the student further develops the knowledge and skills that must be acquired throughout their studies. In order to achieve this, the group aims to consolidate methods such as Project Based Learning (PBL), Challenge Based Learning (CBL), Scenario Centered Curriculum (SCC), Gamification (or serious games), and all types of Learning / Collaborative work (CL). Previously, these methods have allowed GRETEL to gain two international projects and one national project, including the publication of the results in both international conferences and impact journals. Other aspects related to active learning such as Advising & Coaching, or the use of Personal Learning Environments (PLE) and Personal Learning Networks (PLN), are also showing their usefulness and educational validity in addition to its scientific and research component, through the use of methods of results analysis and prediction. These results, also referenced in the activity of the group, are positioned as a work objective through the collection of new samples (national as well as international), that will allow us to correlate the results with the profiles of the students for a better characterization of the education process.

Dr. Torres has extensive experience in the work, design and analysis of the PLEs (being the subject of his PhD thesis). The objective is that both methodologies and strategies are modeled based on the location of education (online, face-to-face or blended models), its scope of development and student profile. A PLE can incorporate social elements through the participation of the individual in distributed environments so that they learn to create and manage their PLNs favoring their continuous learning and the construction of a personal digital fingerprint, the basis of their digital identity. In response to the highly technological and changing educational environment.

Drs. Iriondo and Montero are specialists in strategies that help students to develop academic competencies for growth and personal maturity (Academic Advising & Coaching), providing a new approach that together with the analysis of data should allow for the improvement of the organization of undergraduate and master's studies. Related to these two lines an Erasmus + project is being finalized in cooperation with schools in France and Italy, and a project supported by Aristos Campus Mundus with the University of Deusto focused on coaching analysis, two examples that show the potential of this line and possible future work.