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The Role of Influencers in Social Networks

Saturday, 1 April, 2023 - 12:15
Virtual Room
Postgraduate and Masters Degrees
Have you ever wondered what impact influencers have on different Social Networks for promotion and/or sales?

In this openclass of the Master's Degree in Digital Marketing Management and Social Networks, we will see, through real cases, the key factors for successful influencer marketing adapted to the current scenario, led by Alexia Herms, Brand Experience Content Manager at Tous . 

Did you know that last year, in the United States, 75% of marketers carried out some type of actions with influencers to sell their products on social networks and the forecast is that the trend will increase. 

The role of the influencer in social networks has become one of the figures to take into account when planning marketing actions, due to its ability to impact and mobilize the public. 

Know which are the social networks that will have the most impact for the influencer marketing strategy, how to find influencers in your business niche and how to negotiate with them? How should the company collaborate with influencers according to your strategic objectives? How to measure strategic objectives? 

In this Openclass presented by one of the experts in influencer Marketing in Spain and currently a professor of the Master's Degree in Digital Marketing Management and Social Networks at La Salle -URL you will learn to: 

  • Influencer marketing vs. Influencer branding 

  • Types of influencers and strategic objectives 

  • How to elaborate an effective influencer campaign  

  • Influencers as sales lever in an ecommerce  

  • I-ROI: influencer return of investment and retribution models 

  • The future of influencer marketing: virtual influencers 

Participate in our Openclass of the Master in Digital Marketing and discover new strategies to take your influencer marketing to another level. 

LIMITED AVAILABILITY: This event will take place online in the virtual Classroom of La Salle Capus Barcelona. In order to attend inscription is mandatory. 

About the speaker

Alexia Herms

Alexia Herms

Brand Experience Content Manager at Tous and Teacher of the Máster en Marketing Digital en La Salle-URL

with 14 years of experience in Influencer Marketing and Branformance in more than 30 countries, has been pioneer in the design and coordination of 360º marketing campaigns, having worked together with organizations such as PEPSICO, UNILEVER, L'ORÉAL, SEAT, PUIG y REEBOK among other

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