The research line in acoustics comprises several topics such as computational acoustics and aeroacoustics, structural acoustics, ultrasound parametric arrays, and audio and speech signal processing.

Research in computational acoustics (CA) and aeroacoustics (CAA) involves both, fundamental and applied topics. The former mainly deal with the solution of acoustic and aeroacoustic equations by means of stabilized finite element methods (FEM), while the latter mostly concerns numerical voice production. Lots of efforts are being put in simulating the underlying physics of voice generation; all the way from biomechanics to the finally emitted sound

About structural acoustics (vibroacoustics), the focus is placed on three main topics. On the one hand vibroacoustic modelling at mid and high frequencies with energy based methods, like statistical energy analysis (SEA), statistical modal energy distribution analysis (SmEdA) or energy distribution analysis. Graph theory is used to determine noise and vibration transmission path analysis (TPA) in applications of those methods. Some more fundamental topics related to them are also addressed. On the other hand, research is also conducted on experimental TPA with special emphasis on the global transmissibility direct transmissibility (GTDT) method, which has applications in the aeronautical, automotive and railway sectors, among others. Finally, work is also performed on acoustic black holes in beams, plates and ducts, and on their connection with particular realizations of metamaterials.

In what concerns ultrasounds, our focus is on parametric array technology to generate audible sound from the non-linear propagation of modulated ultrasonic beams. We have constructed several devices, among them a few prototypes of omnidirectional parametric loudspeakers (OPL), consisting of hundreds of ultrasonic transducers set on a sphere. Analytical models to simulate the acoustic performance of such prototypes, as well as that of general parametric arrays set on curved surfaces, are also investigated.

Furthermore, research in acoustics also encompasses audio events detection and recognition, as well as speech processing to incorporate expressivity in text to speech (TTS) synthesizers. More information on these topics can be found in the description of the Signal Processing research line.

We have been the home organization of the NOVEM2018 Conference held in Ibiza (7-9 May 2018)

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