Jordi Grangel Gómez

Jordi Grangel Gómez
Department of Engineering

Jordi Grangel is part of the creative artist department heads who had been in charge of directing Grangel Studio since 1995, corporation based in Barcelona and fully dedicated to the visual look for animation content, the studio is very much specialized on character design and the consequent development of styles, focusing on animation feature films.
Collaborating for the major studios around the world and in partnership with a few having develop styles for DreamWorks Animation, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Amblimation, Aardman, Laika.
During the tenure of the past 25 years Grangel Studio had created styles and helped collaborating on more than 20 feature films, to name a few "The Prince of Egypt" (DreamWorks 1998) , "Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron" (DreamWorks 2002), "Madagascar" (DreamWorks 2005), "Tim Burton´s Corpse Bride" (Warner Bros. 2005), "Kung Fu Panda" (DreamWorks 2008), "How to train your Dragon" (DreamWorks 2010), "The Pirates! Band of Mistfits" (Aardman 2012) i "Hotel Transylvania" (Sony Animation 2012).
The work method is based on developing the best possible visual look for a studio and director, providing a highly specialized team of artists to the services on the fields of preproduction, supervision and consulting.


G. Corral, A. Fornells, E. Golobardes and J. Abella
- 2006