Ana Laura Drucker Chamlati

(Mexico City 1991) I focus my work on visual experimentation and the possibilities that swing between the analog and digital sides. I was an assistant in the ceramic workshop of the Fundación Sebastián in Mexico City and studied Art and Design at the Escola Massana in Barcelona.
My professional work is situated between curatorial and artistic practice. My work has been exhibited in several festivals and galleries in Mexico and Barcelona such as Maroma Galería, Casa Tiber, Haimney Gallery, Imagin Café, Miscelánea, Arts Santa Mónica, Festival Loom, La Puntual, Pumarejo, Convent de Sant Agustí and Boca Nord, among others.
My work has been published in magazines and platforms such as Yorokubu Magazine, Dream Revista, Revista 192, Revista Meow, Archivo Mexicano de Diseño and Thump, among others, and I have been able to develop my training in two residencies: Casa Na Ilha (Brazil) and Casa Lu (Mexico City)
I am a visual curator of the MIRA festival (Barcelona and Berlin) focused on the digital practices of contemporary art, in which I have developed projects with some of the best artists of the contemporary electronic music and digital and audiovisual arts.