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Hack Proof Talks | Building trust during a cyber incident

Monday, 29 January, 2024 - 19:00
Virtual Room
Postgraduate and Masters Degrees
HACK PROOF TALKS are back! Join our cycle of meetings with experts in data protection and cybersecurity management that we are carrying out for the future. Are you joining the latest one?

In this session we have Carlos Pursals, founder of rethink4change, to learn about strategies to rebuild a company's reputation after suffering a cyber attack. We will understand the importance of restoring the trust of our stakeholders and the key role that the CISO can play in the process. Together with Genís Margarit, Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Cybersecurity Management at La Salle-URL, they will discuss response protocols, coordination with the different departments of the company, and the importance of communicating openly and transparently. 

Connect to understand the implications and management challenges that arise when facing a cyber attack, in addition to understanding the crucial role that the CISO plays. 

Join us! 



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Postgraduate and Masters Degrees