Program in Enterprise Metaverse

An Immersive experience to understand the Metaverse from the inside, and its impact on the different business areas.

Official name
Program in Enterprise Metaverse
Modality Blended
Duration 2 Months
Language Spanish
Places available 30
Credits 15-ECTS
Start Date 21 April 2023
Schedule Friday from 16:30 to 21:30 pm and Saturday from 9h to 14h pm
Location Barcelona

There is no doubt about the current advance of disruptive technologies. We no longer live in a time of change for professionals and companies, but in a definite change of era.

Professionals and companies are being challenged by the fast evolution and improvement of ICT, as well as the advent of the Metaverse and its close relationship with technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Being conscious of the need to disambiguate concepts and understand both their bases and their applications, the Program in Enterprise Metaverse aims to approach in a clear and direct way these technologies to farsightedness entrepreneurs, professionals, and graduates.

Though an innovative approach, the course has been raised from an immersive perspective. The Metaverse is explained from its practical use and with a clear objective: to understand the Metaverse from the inside. Thus, you will feel the immersive experience and the emotions that it is capable of, which makes this program unique.

For this reason, we will carry out experiences based on immersive virtual reality devices, such as virtual reality glasses (Oculus Quest 2 / Pico) and the different modes of access will be studied: traditional, augmented reality, immersive and mixed virtual reality.

In the Program in Enterprise Metaverse, you will learn the bases of the Metaverse, its current position in the economy, its influence on Industry 4.0, its relationship with the human and the legal aspects, as well as its threats. You will understand how the Metaverse can impact the different business areas and you will learn through case studies that cover different sectors such as industrial, retail, education, healthcare, legal, among others.

In addition, you will explore the foundations of the Blockchain applied to the Metaverse to understand how business works inside it. Amazing tools such as NFTs, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, will no longer be an enigma! After the course, you will be able to value its usefulness.

Finally, you will capture everything you have learned in an end-of-course project that will definitively strengthen the knowledge acquired.



Some or all of the cost of this course may be covered by FUNDAE training funds.

La Salle-URL is accredited by FUNDAE as a training provider, and we provide all the information required so you can request funding for your course from said body.​

We offer special bonuses to those companies that enroll several participants in the same course or in different courses within the current academic year.

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