Online University Expert in Marketing and Social Media

Specialize in the fields of branding and engagement in the Social Media sector. You will get a global overview on how to act in the different social networks

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Block 1

Learn how to build communities and develop a strategic vision in Social Media, designing marketing strategies using social networks as a basis in the relationship between clients, users, employees, and brands.

Marketing and Social Networks 1 - 5 ECTS

Social Media strategy for companies: the Social Media Plan

Strategy analysis in digital marketing

Social Media strategy for companies: LinkedIn

Professional use and new advertising formats: Twitter

Block 2

Develop a comprehensive vision of the implementation of marketing campaigns in the different social networks, using channels such as influencer marketing to manage the brand successfully.

Marketing and Social Networks 2 - 5 ECTS

Facebook: professional use and new advertising formats

Instagram and Pinterest: the power of image

The role of influencers in Social Networks

YouTube and its professional use

Inbound marketing

Success cases in social media 1

Success cases in social media 2

Block 3

Enter the universe of the Internet of people and the social web. Learn how to increase participation, collaboration, and engagement in the era of co-creation. Develop content creativity as key in the relationship with a user community.


Creativity in Social Media

Branded Content: building content in Social Media

Branded Content: content and new multimedia formats

The building of a brand

Strategies for viewing a branded content campaign

Visual marketing

Success cases in Social Media: the Clipsterbcn Case