Curso Online BIM II: Proyecto básico

Online Course BIM II: Executive Project. Certified Autodesk Revit®

Take total control of your architectural projects and manage them more efficiently.

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The main purpose of the Advanced Level BIM Course is for students to acquire the necessary knowledge and techniques to take total control over the generation and management of the building project, using it as a virtual model for global information on the construction planning process.

Once you have completed this level, you will be in a position to confidently apply all of the many advantages this type of program offers:

  • Create and manage a complete architectural project with Autodesk Revit Architecture® software.
  • Optimise the time required to draw up your projects, improving the coherence between plans, considerably reducing the risk of errors and speeding up tasks such as the calculation of surfaces and measurements.
  • Increase the accuracy of calculations and efficiently coordinate information from the many different parts of the project.
  • You will be ready to obtain your official certification on Autodesk Revit®, included in the course.