Curso Online BIM: Proyecto básico

Online Course BIM I: Basic Project. Certified Autodesk Revit®

Acquire a new vision of architectural design and construction through BIM methodology to work in an optimized architecture and establish new strategies.

Nid: 21938
Elective Subjects

Introduction, levels and grids

  • BIM Concept, advantages and differences with CAD
  • Interface appearence
  • Project units
  • Creating a blueprint
  • Inserting CAD
  • Control capes of CAD
  • Creating levels
  • Creating grids
  • Vertical elements. Pillars

Topography and construction elements

  • Real North and Project North
  • Creation of topography
  • Dimension lines and annotations
  • Preparing the site
  • Horizontal elements
  • Stairs
  • Vertical elements
  • Doors and Windows

Curtain walls

  • Uses, types and elements of the curtain wall
  • Preset curtain walls
  • Systems of curtain walls
  • Simple curtain walls. Grids
  • Simple curtain walls. Preset stanchions
  • Simple curtain walls. Preset panels
  • Personalized Panel
  • Personalized Stanchion
  • Placing panel and stanchion

Covers and false roofs

  • Tilted covers
  • Lean covers
  • Skylights
  • Cover by extrusion
  • Cover by component in situ
  • Cover by masses
  • Modelling false roofs
  • Graphics of false roofs
  • Illumination elements

Families I

  • Door. Reference plans
  • Door. Family elements
  • Door. Symbolic lines
  • Table. Reference plans
  • Table. Dimension parameters
  • Table. Creation of elements
  • Table. Nested families
  • Table. Exemplary parameter
  • Table. Types of families

Presentation and documentation

  • Titile blocks
  • Texts and tag texts
  • Rooms
  • Tags, key and color scheme
  • Planning table
  • Camera view and render
  • Inserting views in the plan
  • Setting lines