Curso Online BIM: Proyecto básico

Online Course BIM I: Basic Project. Certified Autodesk Revit®

Acquire a new vision of architectural design and construction through BIM methodology to work in an optimized architecture and establish new strategies.

Nid: 21938

The learning method of the course is SPL - Self-Paced Learning- which allows you to follow the course at your own speed and complete it in a maximum of three months, through guided self-learning and supported by a mentor professor who solves doubts during the whole process.

Given that this a methodology focused on objectives, the Student itself is responsable of its own learning through the visualization of video-lessons, reading and visualization of featured resources, solving the tasks and tests of self-evaluation.

In order to complement the learning, the virtual campus offers diferent resources, common and specific for each chapter:

Resources by chapter:

  • Explanatory videos of each one of the concepts, aspects and BIM tools
  • Presentations with detailed explanations
  • Evaluation test associated with each session
  • Exam simulation test of area of knowledge

Common resources:

  • News board, point of contact between students and tutors
  • Monitoring of the Student, where you will have access to your advancements and level of performance
  • Lexicon of terminology in “flashcard” format
  • Wiki knowledge, open and common for all La Salle students