Curso Online BIM: Proyecto básico

Online Course BIM I: Basic Project. Certified Autodesk Revit®

Acquire a new vision of architectural design and construction through BIM methodology to work in an optimized architecture and establish new strategies.

Nid: 21938

Online Course of BIM I: Basic Project is designed to learn and understand the basic features of the paramteric environment by creating a unique document that will serve from the graphic representation of the project up to its construction, cordinating from the start with all disciplines that intervene in a construction process.

  • You will experiment the first contact with a parametric program and enjoy all benefits it entitles. The result will be the creation of a digital model that will help create the documentation of a project, as well as its constant review and update when facing changes or modifications.
  • You will be able to apply many of the advantages that this type of programme offers, such as  amending and editing existint files and creating new ones at a basic level.
  • You will be ready to obtain your official certification on Autodesk Revit®, included in the course.