master in research in philosophy and humanistics studies

Master's Degree in Research in Philosophy and Humanistic Studies

Deepen your knowledge in the philosophical and humanistic scope and develop your personal line of research.

Official name
Master of Science in Research in Philosophy and Humanistic Studies
Degree certificate issued by The Ministry of Education
Modality On-site
Duration 1 Year
Language Catalan - Spanish
Places available 15
Credits 60-ECTS
Start Date 23 October 2023
Schedule Monday to Friday, 18pm to 21pm, depending on enrolled subjects
Location Barcelona

The Master's Degree in Research in Philosophy and Humanistic Studies is designed to raise the level of training for graduates in Philosophy and Humanities, through credits of extension in different philosophical and humanistic subjects, treated in the classical philosophical training style and from the perspective of humanistic and Christian thoughts.

Through this Master's program, students are introduced to the practice of scientific research by learning the methodologies of philosophical and humanistic research, and through the guided performance of various research projects which respond to their personal interests.

Our training promotes the elaboration by the students of a personal line of research, which takes the form of a dissertation or Master's thesis and allows them to advance, later, towards a doctoral thesis. 

The Master's program offers students an itinerary focused on the development of their own line of research. A highly interdisciplinary curriculum, a faculty highly trained in a variety of fields of philosophy and humanities and a very close tutoring, allow each student to acquire an adequate and personalized preparation according to their research interests. The diverse backgrounds of the students, from philosophy to literature or art, but also from law to the business world, enrich in the classroom an interdisciplinary debate that is increasingly necessary to meet the challenges of our world today".

DR. JOAN CABÓ, Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Research in Philosophy and Humanistic Studies.