Degree in Multimedia Engineering - Minor in Videogames

Degree in Multimedia Engineering - Minor in Videogames

Enrol in a Multimedia Engineering Degree at La Salle and be ready to become an excellent professional in technological integration by acquiring a strong technical and artistic background.

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Students who graduate in Multimedia Engineering become excellent professionals in technological integration, thus being able to decide which form should technology adopt in order for it to be truly efficient when playing its mediating role in the creative and communicative process. Multimedia integrates several disciplines focused in creative, technological, and management and production aspects. Therefore, the curriculum of this degree consists of a set of subjects which complement each other such as: Conceptualisation.

  • Script writing.
  • Digital photography.
  • User experience.
  • Production.
  • Interactive installations.
  • Virtual reality.
  • Programming or physical simulation.

Said subjects have been chosen to provide students with suitable knowledge with the aim of enhancing both conceptualisation and development of virtual interaction environments without any limits regarding neither communication support nor specific field of application. Hence, due to the transverse nature of Multimedia itself as well as its strategic position, graduates can apply their knowledge to any industry—

  • Videogames
  • Film Technology
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web technology
  • Virtual Reality
  • New Interface
  • Research and innovation

It is undeniable that the video game industry has attained a leading position within the audiovisual and interactive entertainment industry—it is expected to grow 23.7% each coming year. By studying at La Salle you can specialise in videogames, thus gaining the necessary knowledge to attain artistic, design, and programming positions in top companies worldwide. You will be able to both perform practical training at unique labs and be granted official certifications enjoying professional recognition internationally.