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Do you want to be part of the latest generation of 21st century artists? The new Degree in Digital Arts trains the artists of the new millennium.

Official name
Degree in Digital Arts (Curricula 2019)
Degree certificate issued by The Ministry of Education
Modality On-site
Duration 4 Years
Language Catalan - Spanish
Places available
Credits 180-ECTS
Start Date 04 September 2023
Schedule To determine
Location Barcelona

The Degree in Digital Arts is the result of a reality in the artistic world. Art has been transformed; new tools, new spaces, new formats are emerging to provide an education where new artists are trained. The Degree in Digital Arts at La Salle Campus Barcelona, in constant transformation, has evolved to a new 4-year curriculum (240 ECTS). This degree prepares you in the basis of traditional Fine Arts but also in the understanding and expertise of the latest digital tools to create the most innovative artistic and creative works.

This degree offers you a complete artistic vision, an open mind and a constant discovery of new art disciplines, new methods of creation and development. You will learn the essential tools for experimentation and knowledge of new trends and worlds, previously unknown to the vast majority. The surprising world of digital art opens new doors to create interactive, immersive, virtual, and totally innovative works.

The new curriculum of the digital arts degree is divided into 5 large blocks of knowledge where all the subjects included will form you as a complete digital artist. In the first two years of your degree, you will get a complete vision of art and, from the 3rd year on, you can decide between courses focused on the design of environments and interactive installations, light and sound or you can also take the electives of the mention in Concept Art, with an emphasis on drawing, design, and illustration subjects.

The degree is structured under five main axes:

  1. Artistic expression: the disciplines under this axis will provide you the knowledge on the basics of fine arts, such as observation and representation skills, proportions, artistic drawing, color, and composition, as well as the beginning use of digital artistic tools. These subjects will be taken during the first two years of the degree.
  2. Culture, art, and humanities: the courses included in this unit will prepare you in the history and artistic culture, fundamental knowledge of every artist. Knowing the past helps you to create the future. Students will take these subjects during the first three years of the degree.
  3. Image and design: the subjects included in this module will introduce you to the principles of composition and digital photography, as well as graphic design. You will be introducing film editing and 2D and 3D animation. These subjects will be taken from the 2nd to the last year of the degree.
  4. 3D Art: in the areas of this module, you will learn the process of design, digital modeling and texturing characters and scenarios of a 3D audiovisual production. In addition, you will learn how to create installations, interactive environments such as video games and virtual reality. This knowledge will be acquired during the first three years of the degree.
  5. Creativity and Business: within this module you will work on subjects ranging from the artistic conceptualization of projects to their public presentation. The paths covered include the presentation of projects by independent artists to the formalization of proposals within a studio or a large company.

Throughout the degree you will take projects courses during the first three years, learning the different phases of a project, its conceptualization and development, implementing all the digital tools for its creative execution according to the artistic knowledge previously acquired.

From the 3rd year on, you will choose between electives learning and deepening in lighting technologies, implementation of sound and music to artistic projects, combining different technologies and creating interactive installations. You will also delve into creating 3D environments and animations as well as the design of graphic and interactive interfaces for different devices.

However, if you have a preference for Concept Art, you will also be able to do this specialization. From the 3rd year onwards, students will be able to take the 48 optional credits that officially specialize in concept art. Through the different subjects you will learn how to draw and generate ideas and concepts, as well as how to shape a narrative idea. Using the most advanced digital tools you will be equipped to create illustrations, graphic compositions of characters, environments, and any artistic product of any complexity.

During the 4th year you will perform external pre-professional internships, as well as the Final Degree Project (TFG) in which you will have to produce a work or artistic design, alongside an expert tutor in your area of interest. This will become your letter of application and the basis of your portfolio to define who you are as an artist.


Presentation of the 3rd year students of the Digital Arts Degree at the IDEAL Digital Arts Centre, in Barcelona. Course 21-22

Summary of works by 3rd year Digital Arts students. Year 21-22

Summary of works by 2nd year Digital Arts students. Year 21-22

Summary of works by 1st year Digital Arts students. Year 21-22

Projects of the 1st year in Digital Arts (course 2020-2021)

Projects of the 2nd year in Digital Arts (Course 2020-2021)

Transversal projects in Digital Arts and architecture of first-year students

Course 2019-2020

Interactive Installations Exhibition of Digital Arts students

Visual narratives workshop undergraduate students Digital Arts


La Salle Animation & Art Fest 2022 | La Salle-URL

Digital Arts students participate in the installation "The day we left fields" within the Llum Barcelona Festival. Disseny HUB Room B, Pl. De les Glòries Catalanes, 37

Digital Arts students participate in the "Unnoticed Identities" workshop of the Does Work studio within the Mira Festival


Oriol Pastor - Digital Arts Degree director & Ana Drucker Digital Arts Degree coordinator

Oriol Pastor - Digital Arts Degree director & Ana Drucker Digital Arts Degree coordinator

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