Degree in Architecture Studies

In La Salle you will be trained to become a responsable architect. Likewise, you will acquire the capacity to respond to the needs of society using the most advanced knowledge and technologies

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With the Degree in Architecture of La Salle you will learn about the profession based on:


  • Talent forming talent: Thanks to the coexistence and teamwork of students from different backgrounds and ages, the transfer of talent between students is encouraged, as well as between the teaching community and the students themselves. (teach -> <-learn)
  • Prestigious architects, both national and international, teach subjects, masterclasses and units offering a learning experience with a practical and international vision.
  • Synchronization between academic and professional work: articulating the concerns of each student so that La Salle and the Architecture Studio where they are carrying out the internship can mutually nourish each other with talent (mass of knowledge).



The Design Studio as the heart of the new pedagogical scenario. A unique space in Barcelona with the character of an agora that welcomes the new academic model and encourages transversality and transfer of knowledge.

Each student has their own work space where they can develop and experience each project in contact with their classmates and teachers and with access to all the material and documentation.

Interrelationship between the students’ activities and the faculty: There is a total transfer of knowledge between work groups, subjects and courses. The teacher acts as an experienced pedagogical support to monitor the exercises.

Learning-by-challenge approach: in the Design Studio, projects are carried out based on real cases that are carried out in the "architects' workshop" of the Workshop, Projects and and Urban Planning subjects.



Visibility at work: Progressive occupation of the Design Studio, being populated as a whole by models, plans, books, personal computers, etc. and granting it its own identity, which can be extended to the entire Campus and the school's unique attribute.