Degree in Architecture Studies

In La Salle you will be trained to become a responsable architect. Likewise, you will acquire the capacity to respond to the needs of society using the most advanced knowledge and technologies

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Career Opportunities

Thanks to the personalization of the Degree according to the interests of the students, the graduates of the Studies of Architecture of La Salle University Ramon Llull are prepared for a diversity of disciplines, typical of the architects of this century. They will be able to work and lead national and international projects, regardless of the country where the architectural office, company or institution where they work is located.

  • You will be able to create your own studio or be part of an architecture or engineering studio, or public institutions.
  • Working in civil or public works, in new construction or restoration.
  • Being an expert in urban planning, landscaping or environmental sustainability and energy efficiency of construction.
  • Consultancy in restoration, rehabilitation and changes of use of buildings. You will be able to design interiors, objects, furniture, and even work in the performing arts.
  • Carry out Retail projects, and FacilitiyManager.
  • Create designs of digital environments for movies or video games.
  • You will be able to work as a university researcher or teacher or as a BIM consultant.

Ramon Llull University is ranked as the 4th best teaching performance in the Spain (June 30th, 2020). This is confirmed by the teaching indicators of the U-Ranking that evaluates the performance of Spanish universities. The indicators of "success rate", "non-dropout rate", "percentage of foreign students" and "percentage of students with international mobility programs" stand out, in which the URL is clearly above the average of universities. The U-Ranking has also analyzed the labor market insertion of graduates. In this sense, it has placed the URL among the top 10 universities in the Spain, clearly above the national average and standing out especially in the branches of Social and Legal Sciences and Engineering and Architecture.