curso de neuroliderazgo

Course in NeuroLeadership

A groundbreaking and original perspective regarding the conceptualisation of leadership and the key factors to carry it out in an effective way

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  • To become familiar with our own brain. Getting to know the ‘machine’.
  • To understand the processes of thinking.
  • To understand the basis of our emotions and how to manage them.
  • To understand how we build reality.
  • To understand the relationship between ‘brain’ and ‘levels of consciousness’.
  • To understand how we build our personality.

Additional key benefits

  • To exert a positive, inspiring, and high‑integrity leadership.
  • To enhance the ability to make decisions and manage change processes while facing complexity. To move from risk to intelligence.
  • To maximise our potential while learning to be a more thoughtful professional.
  • To improve self‑restraint, self‑control, motivation, and empathy.
  • To gain a better awareness of our own body, thus learning to both adjust and modify stress‑associated responses.
  • To understand those dynamics involved in leadership in order to strengthen effectivity.
  • To enhance creativity and favour innovation towards new challenges.
  • To improve team leadership.
  • To resolve conflicts in a positive way.
  • To improve both physical and mental well‑being.