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Course in Cloud Computing Solutions

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The syllabus, case studies and practical exercises of the Course in Cloud Computing Management are structured based on these four objectives:

  • Understand the cloud business case and its benefits for the organization: Once the business case is well identified, for transitioning existing systems and creating new digital tools, a strategic approach is required to maximize ROI and minimize risks.
  • Impact on the organization: Most leaders, even if they understand the business value of cloud computing, underestimate the importance of this transition, and emphasize cloud technology and the strategic roadmap. Bringing the existing mindset to the cloud simply does not work, it also implies changes in the responsibility of access and custody of data, so legal aspects must be considered as well.
  • Innovate much faster: Once in the cloud, you can innovate much faster, since the cost of experimentation is very low and the benefit very high.  It is about knowing the services offered by the cloud to companies in all sectors to innovate and reinvent themselves.
  • Generate scalable and high-profit software assets: Access to technology and products in the cloud allows you to develop products for internal use quickly, as well as the opportunity to monetize these products by opening them to the market (SaaS mode). The Cloud allows you to scale automatically and easily as your business grows.