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Course in Cloud Computing Solutions

Official name
Course in Cloud Computing Solutions
Modality On-site
Duration 6 Weeks
Language Spanish
Places available 30
Credits 5-ECTS
Start Date 10 May 2024
Schedule Friday, 16:30h to 21:30h
Location Barcelona

The use of the cloud began to expand a few years ago and the pandemic has accelerated its implementation even more. The new trends in the use of the cloud begin to take shape, it is no longer about being in the cloud, but about getting the most out of it.

Organizations are increasingly moving their critical information and assets to the cloud. Understanding the technology, best practices, and economics of cloud computing, as well as the benefits and risks in the cloud, is key to making decisions consistently based on business strategy.

For this reason, it is necessary to respond to:

  • What are the various cloud computing technologies and providers, including public, private, and hybrid clouds.
  • How to analyze the applications of cloud technologies in companies.
  • How to develop strategies to improve organizational efficiency using cloud technologies.
  • How to assess the cost benefits of cloud adoption.

For both companies that have successfully gone through digital transformation, and those that exploit the Cloud to accelerate innovation and gain market share, the course in Cloud Computing Management is organized into four dimensions: understanding what the Cloud is, impact on the organization, innovation, and business models in the cloud.



Some or all of the cost of this course may be covered by FUNDAE training funds.

La Salle-URL is accredited by FUNDAE as a training provider, and we provide all the information required so you can request funding for your course from said body.​

We offer special bonuses to those companies that enroll several participants in the same course or in different courses within the current academic year.

Thanks to the Cloud, Fortune 500 Industries Improve more than 20% their EBITDA
More than half of enterprise IT spending will move to the cloud by 2025

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