Creation and management of online perceptual tests



  • TRUE is an online platform. All that you need is a web browser to create, manage and take your own tests. It's free.
  • Full control of your tests. You can create, copy, modify, get the results and delete your tests whenever you want.
  • TRUE allows the evaluation of different kind of stimuli: audio, audiovisual, graphic and text elements.
  • You can choose the number and the disposition of the elements of your test. You can show the audiovisual stimuli in an embedded cross-browser Flash player, or in a Windows Media Player.
  • Easy creation of initial demonstrations and inclusion of test instructions (based onpredefined templates or created from scratch by means of an embedded HTML editor), and also addition of customizable surveys at the end of a test.
  • Highly customizable: you can use multiple choice questions, text fields and/or enhanced evaluation methods based on interactive graphic user interfaces. Flexible layout of on-screen elements.
  • Predefined test templates including MOS (Mean Opinion Score), CMOS (Comparison MOS) and DMOS (Degradation MOS) tests based on ITU-T P.800 recommendation. Also interactive graphical user interfaces as the Self-Assessment Manikin (SAM) plug-in for example, oriented to the evaluation of emotional resources. Click here to get more information about these interactive graphical user interfaces.
  • SAM plugin available in English, Spanish, Catalan and Farsi.
  • Users can leave a test and resume it at any moment. You can now how many users started and finished the test, or how many of them left it.
  • International language support. Currently, TRUE supports English, Spanish and Catalan. But you can customize your tests to your own language.
  • Easy download of test results in multiple formats (CSV, XML and Microsoft Excel) in only-one-click, including the answers to your questions, the time that each user needed to take the test, the answers to the final survey (if you created one), etc.
  • Multi-browser support.

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