Creation and management of online perceptual tests

What is TRUE?



TRUE (Testing platfoRm for mUltimedia Evaluation) is a free online platform oriented to the creation and management of subjective/perceptual tests where different stimuli (audio, audiovisual, graphics and text) can be evaluated by Internet users to validate or label them.


Let's imagine that...

  • ... you are a researcher involved in speech synthesis. You may want to evaluate how well your last synthesis system is working. You generate some audios and you need some people to listen them to give you their opinion.
  • ... you want to evaluate the emotional content of a list of words.
  • ... you have different images and you need to compare them to determine the best ones.
  • ... you have generated a set of videos with 3D animations and you want to know what of them are the more realistic ones.
In all cases you may need some people to take a test but it isn't easy to ask a group of people to spend some time with you listening, reading or watching some elements (stimuli) and then evaluating them, is it?


Because of TRUE is created to perform online tests, achieving a broad audience for your tests is easy. Moreover, evaluators only need a computer with Internet connection and a web browser. No installation of extra software is required, nor your assistance during the test because you can add all the instructions at the beggining of test and some samples also. Users can take the test confortably at home, following your indications, and if they get tired they can leave the test and resume it at any time from the last stimulus they evaluated.


Also, you can get the results of the test at any moment in a variety of formats, obtaining the answers of each user to each stimulus, the last evaluated stimulus, the time that the user needed to take the test, the answers to a final survey that you can add to your test, etc.


TRUE is highly customizable to fit the requirements of the perceptual tests designed by different researchers (see Features for more information). There are some predefined templates, including MOS (Mean Opinion Score), CMOS (Comparison MOS) and DMOS (Degradation MOS) tests based on ITU-T P.800 recommendation.

SAM plug-in

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In addition, interactive graphical interfaces can be used to create enhanced tests, as for example the Self-Assessment Manikin (SAM) plug-in oriented to the evaluation of emotional resources (based on Bradley, M. & Lang, P. (1994). Measuring emotion: The self-assessment manikin and the semantic differential. Journal of Behavioral Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 25, 49-59 ).


You can get more information about the features of this software in the Features section, and about the interactive graphical interfaces.

TRUE is partially supported by the European Commission, project SALERO (FP6 IST-4-027122-IP), and the Spanish Government, project SAVE (TEC2006- 08043/TCM).

Why is it free?

Because we want to offer a tool for those researchers that need to perform perceptual tests as sometimes we needed it. It's completely free and we are still working in TRUE so we would appreciate your comments and suggestions to improve this tool.


Only one thing, if you use it for your research you should cite us as indicated in section Citations.



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