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CTMedia, the Center of Technologies for Media, is the research and development unit of La Salle School of Engineering - Ramon Llull University.  The research and development of the center is highly industry oriented to solve specific needs of the real world. It is ISO-9001 quality certified and accredited as consolidated research group as the Research group in Media Technologies (GTM) by the Catalan Government and belongs to the network of TECNIO Innovation Centers in Catalonia.

The areas of research of the center are:

The group has participated in a large number of R&D projects, some of them at European level (GMF4iTV, SALERO, SUIT, porTiVity, WingTV, B21C and Hermes among others), and a large number at Spanish and Catalan level. The group mantains a fluent relationship with industrial partners as: Televisió de Catalunya, Abertis Telecom, Alcatel Lucent, Indra Espacio, Activa Multimedia, ...

We welcome motivated PhD students that want to perform high quality research in a multidisciplinay approach. Have a look to our PhD page

For examples of the performed research, have a look at our demo page.

For general inquires about the research CTMedia contact: Dr. Gabriel Fernàndez

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