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MediaLab la Salle

Wednesday November 23rd 2011 Medialab La Salle hosted the presentation of the new animation series "Benvingut a Patataón!". The series is a co-production between Yanquipay  and  the Catalan TV. The Medialab has produced the mocap of the complete series. 

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Agreement with Yankipay

The Medialab has singed an agreement with the Yankipay for the capturing services of their next production “Benvinguts a Patata Món” that is co-produced with TV3 .

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Agreement with Infomed

Infomed, the leading company in the market of dental informatics and the media lab la salle have signed an agreement for the development of new features in their products.

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Agreement with Moviu

Moviu is a new platform for rehabilitation therapy that has trusted in the Media Lab  La Salle to develop the contents to illustrate physiotherapy rehabilitation exercises.

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