In La Salle-URL we offer 100% subsidized training through the Consortium for Continuous Training in Catalonia and the SEPE (State Public Employment Service), with the aim of promoting new job opportunities for unemployed individuals and reskilling active professionals.

Dates Course Modality Schedule Duration
16 Sep 2024 Course in Cybersecurity Implementation and Management On-site Friday 16.30h to 21.30h and Saturday, 9.30h to 14.30h 2 Month Sign up
17 Sep 2024 Course in UX/UI Mobile Interface Design On-site Friday from 16:30h to 21:30h, Saturday from 9:30h to 14:30h 50 Hours Sign up
18 Sep 2024 Course in CISCO CCNA Cybersecurity Operations: Cyber Ops Smart Learning Miércoles, 18.30h a 21.30h y viernes, 16:30h a 21:30h 90 Hours Sign up
19 Sep 2024 Course in Cybersecurity Incident Response On-site Friday 16.30h to 21.30h and Saturday, 9h to 14h 2 Months Sign up
08 Oct 2024 Search Engine Marketing Course: SEO, SEM and Web Analytics On-site Monday and Thursday, 18h to 21h 45 Hours Sign up
28 Oct 2024 Course in Digitizing Management of a Logistics Company On-site Monday and Friday from 4pm to 9pm 30 Hours Sign up