Degree in Electronic Engineering - Minor in Robotics

Become a qualified specialist focused in the field of robotics applied to sectors such as social, educational, therapeutic or care

Official name
Graduate in Electronic Engineering in Communications
Degree certificate issued by The Ministry of Education
Modality On-site
Duration 4 Years
Language Catalan - Spanish - English
Places available 35
Credits 240-ECTS
Start Date 02 September 2024
Schedule Monday to Friday
Location Barcelona

Electronics play a key role in the development and technological progress of society as it is the main supporting technology for the areas of communications, control and data processing.

The Degree in Electronic Engineering in Telecommunication is framed within the ICT environment and we have developed it with a technological base

As a graduate of La Salle's Undergraduate Degree in Telecommunication Systems Engineering, you will be formally qualified to work as an Electronic Technical Telecommunications Engineer, and you will be well-placed to join what is one of the most attractive economic sectors, thanks to its high growth and strategic position.

Receive training in the major in Robotics and specialize in the world of robotics applied to multiple sectors, among which, social, educational, therapeutic and healthcare stand out, creating technologies and improving daily life.

With the Degree in Electronic Engineering in Telecommunication - Robotics you will learn to create tangible elements with artificial life, a sector in strong growth and with great projection.

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The Campus is very welcoming. There is a super cool atmosphere between students and teachers and many activities are carried out from the first day. After the classes, I love to stay with classmates and make life in college.

Cristina Grau, First year student, Degree in Electronic Engineering - minor in robotics


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Degree in Electronic Telecommunications Engineering - Robotics

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