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Bachelor degree in Multimedia Engineering - Videogames
Bachelor degree in Multimedia Engineering - Videogames
Start date: 01/09/2015
End date: 22/06/2019
Timetable:  Monday to Friday from 8 to 14h and practices some afternoons
  Campus: Barcelona
  Language: Spanish - Catalan
  Format: On campus



El grado en ingeniería multimedia especialización en videojuegos permite al alumno desarrollar aplicaciones para cualquier tipo de plataforma: web, dispositivos móviles, televisiones, redes sociales, vídeo consolas, etc. Y para diferentes sectores como el de los videojuegos, la animación en 2D e interacción 3D, cine o producción audiovisual.


La titulación dispone de una base tecnológica propia, que permite al alumno desarrollar unas competencias profesionales muy definidas; todas ellas al servicio de la conceptualización y del desarrollo de entornos virtuales de interacción sin ninguna limitación en el soporte de comunicación ni en el ámbito concreto de aplicación.


Gracias a la característica transversal de la Multimedia y a su posición estratégica, los graduados/as en ingeniería multimedia que se especialicen en videojuegos tienen un amplio abanico de posibilidades profesionales y aplican sus conocimientos en cualquier tipo de sector que requiera contenidos digitales interactivos: videojuegos, médico, deportivo, cultural, educativo, marketing, prevención de riesgos, recuperación de la memoria histórica, artístico, entretenimiento o consultoría estratégica, entre muchos otros.


Durante los estudios, realizarás asignaturas específicas de las especialidades clave del mundo de los videojuegos: Artística / Creativa, Producción de videojuegos y Programación como:

  • Diseño y usabilidad
  • Expresión artística
  • Lenguaje audiovisual
  • Fotografía digital
  • Dramaturgia audiovisual
  • Arte para videojuegos
  • Diseño de videojuegos
  • Animación de personajes
  • Producción de videojuegos
  • Programación de gráficos
  • TV digital
  • Realidad virtual
  • Proyectos web
  • Música y efectos sonoros
  • Simulación física

Obtendrás certificaciones oficiales reconocidas profesionalmente a nivel internacional


Visita la web de empresas creadas por nuestros antiguos alumnos y verás lo que podrás llegar a hacer:

Access Requirements

You can gain admittance to this Bachelor’s Degree:

  • From High School if you have passed the University Access Exam. (PAU for the name in Spanish)
  • From a Superior Level Training Cycle. (CFGS for the name in Spanish)
  • If you have started a Bachelor’s Degree and you want to continue studying it at La Salle (expedient transfer): if you have studied a degree that is not official in Spain, you must validate at least 30 credits, or obtain the equivalence on your academic credentials and do the University Access Exam (PAU) at the UNED, or accredit your studies by the UNED if you come from the EHEA.
  • If you are in possession of a university degree.
  • If you have done the University Access Exam for 25 years old or for 45 years old.
  • If you are a student from the European Union or from any country that has an international agreement that may apply to this situation: you have to fulfill the academic requirements to access to University that the educative system of the country you are studying in demands and accredit the University Access Exam (PAU) at la UNED (
  • Those bachelor's students with partial or finished studies from a foreign university, must bring a certificate from the university in their country which
    indicates that their degree is official in that country.

If you fulfill any of these requirements you can start the Admission Process of any of the courses at La Salle.

Reasons to Study
  • You will carry out practical sessions at La Salle Medialab: the biggest Real Time Motion Capture Laboratory (MoCap) in Southern Europe, with 24 Infrared VICON high performance cameras.


  • You will have access to one of the Usability and DCU (Design Cenered in the User) Laboratories with more projection at European level: La Salle Userlab. It will allow you to have access to the state of the art technology with “Eye Tracking” equipment to carry out a follow up and analysis of eye movement in real time.

  • You will be able to “touch” multiple and different peripherals of Virtual Reality, within the new Multimedia space “The Dome”, the only interdisciplinary laboratory in the area of “Serious Games”, creativity, innovation and “Games” theory applied to all kinds of contexts and problems besides the recreational.

  • You will learn the vital cycle of a “Multimedia” product, going through all the phases (search, brainstorming, pre-design, development, hand-in, recycling, etc.), all the necessary roles for the industry in the sector (producer, designer, programmer, manager, etc.) and different disciplines and implementation areas (recovery of the historical memory, culture, sport, medicine, leisure, education, etc.).

    Blog CP labs

  • Due to the great demand for Multimedia Engineers with a training in design and technology. In the prestigious European report “Career Space” there are companies such as Nokia, Philips, Siemens, IBM or Intel, among others, expressing the explicit need for the Multimedia profile and the importance of incorporating it in the next 15-20 years.

    Document Career Space

  • The academic program is very practical and includes subjects in English and in Project Management. La Salle is the first Spanish university and the third in Europe to receive the official certificate from the Project Management Institute.
    Besides, you will carry out practical sessions with students from other specializations simulating a real work environment.


  • Follow us at the Media Technologies Blog.


What do you have to do to study in La Salle?

Download the Admission Process information for UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMES


The admission process begins on December 3, 2012 and remains open until the program is full. It is recommended that you to start the admission process before finishing your pre-university studies submitting the required documents at the moment of application.


1. Fill in the el online admission form.

2. Submit the documents requested for the programme you want to study.

3. Follow the specific admission process for each programme:

  • Bachelor Degree in Architecture: You must present an artistic book with the following 6 drawings: A horse and a dinosaur, a person sitting down reading a newspaper, a Greek temple, the interior of a living room in perspective (it should include large windows, sofa and armchairs, table, television and a bookcase), a bicycle, a fishermen boat in perspective. This exercise is to evaluate your aesthetic, drawing and creativity abilities, as well as your capacity to observe, understand and interpret the environment.
  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering: If you work on a research project during your pre-university studies, you must give us a digital copy of your work. Otherwise, you must write a two-page text explaining a technological idea you would like to implement when you finish your course. We suggest the following examples: Create a videogame, design a mobile application, an electronic device that improves quality of life, a musical instrument, a technology or application relating to the audiovisual industry.
  • Bachelor Degree in Business: Choose a company form the "FORTUNE 500" that interests you and explain in your own words how it uses technology to obtain competitive advantages in the market. This exercise is to evaluate your reasoning abilities and your knowledge of the current business and management world. The text must be no longer than two pages long.

4. Personal Interview. If the Admission Committee considers it necessary, you may be asked to do an interview at our campus or online.

5. Acceptation

6. Reserve your place

7. Enrollment



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