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Admission Process for Bachelor's Degrres

1. Fill in the admission form.


2. Submit the documents requested for the programme you want to study.


3. Follow the specific admission process for each programme.

  • Bachelor Degree in Architecture: You must present a sketch book with 6 drawings. This exercise is to evaluate your aesthetic, drawing and creativity abilities, as well as your capacity to observe, understand and interpret the environment.


  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering: If you work on a research project during your pre-university studies, you must give us a digital copy of your work. Otherwise, you must write a two-page text explaining a technological idea you would like to implement when you finish your course. We suggest the following examples: Create a videogame, design a mobile application, an electronic device that improves quality of life, a musical instrument, a technology or application relating to the audiovisual industry.


  • Bachelor Degree in Business: Choose a company form the "FORTUNE 500" that interests you and explain in your own words how it uses technology to obtain competitive advantages in the market. This exercise is to evaluate your reasoning abilities and your knowledge of the current business and management world. The text must be no longer than two pages long.


4. Receive the notification about your admission status.


5. Save your spot.


6. Complete the formal enrollment

    By e-mail:
    By fax: 93 290 24 43
    By post: c/ Sant Joan de La Salle, 42 - Barcelona 08022

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