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Spatial and constructive invariant Mediterranean house.

Rating and effectiveness of sustainable architectural type.

The project proposes a cataloging own architectural systems of the Mediterranean area, through the study of the house, generating the architectural fabric and commonplace spatial and constructive experiences. It is intended to perform a dossier-file on modern Mediterranean housing incorporating the most paradigmatic of this geographic belt and culturally unique examples. A coup organized collection, essential to safeguard the architectural heritage documented, this will be analyzed in accordance with objective criteria and structured cutting across the fields of architecture: the implementation in the territory, the architectural elements that identify it, and the systems and technologies and constructive climate, always with the focus on sustainability.


Modern architecture by the great masters was responsible for rescuing values ​​and resources sustainability present at the traditional Mediterranean architecture. Spaces, systems and materials typical of this tradition, such as patios, porches, shutters, jealousy, dry stone walls, cross ventilation systems, or become compact development, and include masterpieces of our environment.