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What does blended education means?
Blended education is a study modality that permits following the subjects by Internet (with our own platform: eStudy) and by complement on-campus sessions where teachers and students gather together to discuss the main issues of each subject and to solve doubts.

What does the online sessions consist in?
Subjects can be followed with the help of a study guide with web format where students can find the concepts and the bibliography (books, journals’ articles, web pages) where they can look up the explanation for each one.

How is the interaction with the teachers?
Teachers upload notices and explanations for each subject’s content table and logistic to the eStudy platform. Besides s/he will create discussion forums where the arisen problems will be solved by teachers and students. The student will be able to ask the professor their questions and doubts and will receive the answers by the second work day after they asked. Also, during the on-campus sessions, they will have direct contact with their teachers and the possibility to ask them face to face or by conference.

When are the on-campus sessions done?
On-campus sessions will be on Saturdays. In the event that a practice has to be submitted soon, there will be additional sessions during the week.

How are the practices done?
In some cases, especially in hardware subjects, practices will have to be done on-campus. The dates for the carrying out and the evaluation of these practices will be on some Saturdays and work days. Some other practices may be done online. Some virtual laboratories have been created to let the student write the code from any place and it is carried out from La Salle’s server. 

How are the exams done?
The exams are the same for blended and on-campus students. They are applied at La Salle in Barcelona, Madrid, Andorra and Palma de Mallorca.

What kind of degree is obtained with the blended courses?
The degree obtained after finishing the studies is the same than the one for on-campus students (because the evaluation system is the same in both cases). The degrees are for Communications Engineering and Computer Science Engineering from Ramon Llull University (accredited by the Education and Science Ministry), and for the Masters  in Networks and Communications Engineering, in Computer Science Engineering and its Management and in ICT Management. The three of them have official recognition and adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

What are the admission requirements?
To access the blended courses is necessary to have a degree in Communication Technical Engineering or Computer Science Technical Engineering. To access to the Master’s programmes it’s necessary to have an engineering university degree, a Bachelor’s degree (240 ECTS), or another master in a similar area. It’s also possible to access from a technical engineering or a bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS).

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