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Mission and Objectives - Innova Institute

The Innova Institute is part of GREITIM (Grup de Recerca en Gestió de l'Emprenedoria i la Innovació de base Tecnològica), an emergent research group recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya.


The Innova Institute mission is to produce cutting-edge research in the areas of ICT Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Working around the world, the Institute is inspired by the institutional values of La Salle, to integrate people from a wide variety of origins to advance in the generation of scientific knowledge.

The researchers at the Innova Institute lead the application of advanced academic research outputs, into technological innovation processes in companies that face economic and social transformation challenges. The Institute promotes the education of first level researchers, providing them with the competencies, knowledge and skills needed to integrate theories and practice in the areas of engineering and business management.

The Innova Institute collaborates internationally to bring intellectual leadership to organizations and companies facing challenges on technological innovation and entrepreneurship. The Institute positions itself as an independent actor, interested in attracting partners with similar interests, to participate in the creation of welfare by supporting the foundation of new technology-based companies and by improving the established companies by means of technological innovation.

Strategic Objectives:

The Innova Institute is driven by the following objectives:

  • Be the home of research in technological innovation and entrepreneurship of the Business Engineering School (BES).
  • Be an active member in the technology innovation management community.
  • Be a relevant agent in the promotion of technology innovation activity in Catalonian business networks.
  • Be an international research reference center in IT Management and Entrepreneurship.
  • Be socially responsible in our actions and initiatives.
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