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Augmented Reality and QR codes

The representation of the rapidly evolving architectural visualization incorporating new technologies and communication. The Augmented Reality (AR) combines real environment to the virtual world, this opens many possibilities to show virtual models of buildings and locate information related to the cities. QR codes are a novelty and they open the way to communicate all project information quickly and rigorously.

The workshop combines the disciplines of architectural representation (digital imaging and 3D modeling) and new technologies with different devices (phones, tablets and AR glasses).

Students will develop some exercises with QR codes to present a project with multimedia content and experience with creating Augmented Reality content for display devices subsequently.



The teacher will introduce the concepts of AR and QR codes . Explain cases of AR application in architecture and related issues such as urban planning and construction which apply these criteria with pictures and educational videos . Students will have an opportunity to participate in the presentation in an open debate with the teacher.



The teacher will work groups and develop content for an exercise with QR codes in order to see the presentation of an application projects with new technologies.
Then practice with RA develops 3D models of projects that can be viewed using mobile devices ( phones and tablets ) . The practice will experiment with the concepts of the theory and see how it is possible to show an innovative virtual models to understand the volume of an architectural project immediately and interact with reality in real time.



The practical workshop will present the whole class to define a debate and conclusions.
The results can be seen at times through mobile devices in the classroom using QR codes and an outdoor class to better understand how the AR technology allows us to obtain information from our urban environment and locate the virtual model a building in a space integrating well into the future construction site


Location: La Salle Campus Barcelona


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