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Master in Information Technology Management (MGTI)

The Master is aimed at professionals in the Information Systems and Telecommunications, with a university degree or experience, who want to take on management tasks, as well as professionals in business who need to know how to manage ICT. Also, systems analysts, technical media, account managers and other profiles of technology professionals take this professional course in order to strengthen their management skills to advance in their careers.


These professionals must be able to manage technology with business criteria. Have knowledge and technology managers, as they are able to manage teams, negotiate with suppliers, manage projects, calculate the return of an investment, sell and promote their products, both internally as externally, and many other professionals who work exclusively technicians are not able to perform efficiently.


This dual need for a management and technology at the same time, business took La Salle in 1994 to create the master and keep it until today, with the collaboration of the most prestigious in the field Informatics and Telecommunications.


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