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Seminar on 'New Challenges in the management of the R&D'

The Master in Management Research, Development and Innovation follows a practical and innovative training method developed by technicians, managers and project managers specialized in the generation, transfer and acquisition of new knowledge and technology.


With a comprehensive and international perspective, it combines the proven reliability in teaching project management of BES La Salle - the only Catalan institution certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) - with the deep expertise in the state of the art in financing research and innovation, at both European, Spanish and regional level actors. The academic program, thanks to collaborations like yours, combines academic and management profiles in innovative companies, technology and research centres and R&D administrations.


This year we would like to invite you to take a brief review of the master’s contents through an introductory seminar.



Introductory Seminar on 'New Challenges in the management of the R&D'


We organized an introductory seminar structured into five sessions, split in two days: 11th -12th of May. Each session addresses a topic in R&D management and the R&D centres. Each session is based on the analysis of a case study that serves as a common learning thread. The case is presented by the managers that were involved in the case, either innovative companies or R&D centres.


After an introductory session, each of the five working sessions will cover the following topics:

  • R&D management fit with the business strategy.
  • Dealing with uncertainty in R&D management.
  • Stimulating R&D through collaborative partnerships: Industry - University.
  • The role of HR in the R&D.
  • Challenges and opportunities in financing R&D activities.


Date: Friday 11th to Satudary 12th May.

Time: 18 to 22h (Friday) and 9 to 13 (Saturday)

Location: La Salle BES. C / Lluçanès, 41.


For more information about the program, the registration conditions and participation confirmation, please send an email, indicate: name, telephone, company, before May 4. The cost of registration for the seminar, to cover teaching costs and organization, is 100 EUR.


Hoping you find this proposal attractive,


Ramon Ollé

La Salle BES CEO


Josep Huguet

Director of the Master in Research, Development and Innovation Management