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Master in integrated project of Architecture


During the years 2008-2013 participates in implementation and teaching of the Master Integrated Architecture Project Officer, MPIA, the School of Architecture La Salle (Dr. Robert * Terradas responsible).


Conception and Representation (responsible Dr. Leandro Madrazo), Design and Technology (responsible Dr. Manel Ferrer) and City and Regional Planning (responsible Dr. Amador Ferrer), through methodological subjects: This master around three research is structured basic, seminars, and workshops.


It is part of the coordination team with Manel Ferrer and Claudia Rueda, and is particularly involved in defining the content and syllabi line and Technology Project. As a teacher has on different subjects in this line, and collaborates with some common to all three lines, like the Cross or the Methodological Workshop, as well as the courts address their final theses.


These are times to raise the methodology of research in architectural design. Participation in the courses of teachers responsible for school area: Juan Briz for fittings, Jesus Jimenez for structures and Jose Antonio Martinez Lapeña for projects; external teachers: Josep Quetglas, Josep Llinas, Alfons Soldevila, and prestigious speakers: Juan Miguel Hernández de León, María Emilia Hernandez Pezzi, Jorge Torres, * Carme Ribas, Francesc Ries, Manel Brullet, Federico Correa, Jaume Freixa, Jorge Wagensberg, etc. is a great contribution to our own formation in a field, the research on the project, which is being built and where we from processes with high practice load.


Especially collaborated in designing the course Analysis of the architectural project (responsible Dr. Claudia Rueda) in which patterns of research in the project are raised. Also in the two seminars Sustainability: Patios and Spaces Intermediate (responsible Dr. Nuria Martí.) And The building and location (responsible Dr. Anna Martinez.). These subjects have a mixed academic - professional, looking for an overview of the various technical and formal aspects of the project. Finally, we define the Transversal Workshop, a subject that meets the interests of the three lines on a specific project. Is the space where all students and teachers of the master merge.


In the biannual seminar The building and location (6 ECTS) mutual respect affectations of architecture's physical, historical and cultural site on which it is located are studied. Project specific issues are discussed from different areas: the history, form, construction, structure and fittings.


Finally we carry out an important task in the direction of the final works of the Master, which arise as a timely exercise of research on a topic of modern architecture and in court, formed by doctors from the course and external.


Recent years MPIA linking the research group AMI consolidates, on the lines of Projects and Planning, and this not only affects the work environment, Mediterranean architecture, if not collaboration of students in the group, and development in workshops and Transversal Projects case studies of grantee BIA2011 project "Strategies for sustainable regeneration of tourist settlements on the Mediterranean coast." These projects have been exhibited and published together with other work of the research group at different conferences, seminars, and recently in the book containing the results of three years of research.



Teaching in the master MPIA ending September 2013 with the restructuring of the same and the change in the teaching team. Also the collaboration of the research group AMI the master MPIA.


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