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Master in R&D Management (GRDI)

The management of the R&D areas and activities is a relatively new but of growing importance discipline due to the gradual increase of the R&D resources in the recent years. The complexity and diversity of development framework policies (FP7, National Plan, etc.), internationalization and growing competitiveness of R&D in all of its aspects, and the current maturity of the structures that make up the local R&D systems (research, living labs, science and technology parks) are among the main factors that require an increasing preparedness of industry professionals.


In the current European market there is a growing group of professionals who perform R&D management and planning. They address the need for specialized personnel able to develop complex support tasks in the process of research, transference of knowledge or innovation.


In response to the growing demand for this professional profile, especially technicians and managers with more specific skills, this master offers training tailored to your needs and enables the expansion and the formal recognition of your capabilities. Thus, the Master in Management of Research and Innovation provides the knowledge and tools to acquire skills to improve the abilities and capabilities to perform leading tasks, planning and management in the field of research and innovation either in universities, business or public sectors.


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