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Cost, Financial Credits and Scholarships

La Salle wants to help the students with economics difficulties with grants to make easier their access to college.

La Salle owns economic funds, supported by the same University and external contributions, to help students afford their studies. For this reason, La Salle had settled different scholarships levels. These are offered based on the information that the student provide such as the family's current economic situation, number of brothers or sisters studying at the same University, number of family members, etc. The resolution will depend on the evaluation done by the Scholarship Committee.


More informationabout the scholarships we offer


Scholarships for the course 2015-2016:


  Total registration fee 7440 €   Total registration fee 7980 €  
  20% Scholarship 5952 €   20% Scholarship 6384 €  
  30% Scholarship 5208 €   30% Scholarship 5586 €  
  50% Scholarship 3720 €   50% Scholarship 3990 €  
  70% Scholarship 2232 €   70% Scholarship 2394 €  
  Academic Excellence Scholarships 2292 €        
  Academic Record Scholarships 3897 €        
  Young Talent Scholarship 5730 €        
  IB Scholarships          
  · 42 - 45 Points 2292 €        
  · 35 - 41 Points 3897 €        
  50% Scholarship 5730 €        
  30% Scholarship 8022 €        
  20% Scholarship 9168 €        
  Total registration fee 11460€        


*2014-2015 amounts.


The total registration fee beginning from the second year is calculated according to the number of credits each student enrolls.


Besides, students may require different economic grants or credit facilities to finance a part or the whole amount of the registration fee. For further information about the Admission Process, the Scholarship Program or the credit facilities, contact the Information and Admission Service (SIA).


La Salle reserves the right to cancel unilaterally any of its programmes. In this case, we will return only the amount that the enrolled students have pay until that moment in maximum 30 days after the day the course should have started.


Students coming from other studies, uncontested only have to pay 20 percent as management fees.


If you have been admitted at La Salle, you can complete the scholarship application.


Sant Joan de La Salle, 42 – 08022 Barcelona
Phone: (+34) 932 902 405


Funding through bank loans
La Salle has compound agreements with financial institutions who grant lendings studies in very profitable conditions.
These lendings are an ordinary way of financing the programmes that are wanted to deal.
Provided that the conditions are fixed by every bank institution, they can be capable of variation.
For more information, contact directly with the bank institution:

la Caixa
Oficina 0870 Sagrada Familia, c/ Valencia 398 – 400
Phone: (+34) 932 075 211 / (+34) 932 075 290
More Inormation about La Caixa's loans for students

Santander Central Hispano
Daniel Gómez
Sandra Alarcón
Phone: (+34) 934 184 454

Banc Sabadell
La Salle URL and Banco Sabadell have made an agreement to offer exclusive financing conditions for undergraduate students.

BS Crédito Estudios
BS Crédito Estudios with grace period

For more information:
Sr. Mateu Duran Sola -
Phone: (+34) 932 117 108

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