Acces to eStudy La Salle

Mission and Values

We provide the students who come from different cultures and religions with a strong research capacity and the necessary basis to treat with the different technologies existing in the current society.

The mission of La Salle Campus Barcelona is to offer a high-quality education in a global framework that provides students with the necessary knowledge, abilities and experiences to be highly effective in their professional career development.

In La Salle Campus Barcelona we train professionals with a high ethical commitment and the necessary values to be innovators, to know how to adapt to changes and to lead the transformations of a society in continue progress.


The main objectives of our institution are:


- To transfer knowledge to the students who join our educative programmes.

- To transfer human resources to the society, through the incorporation of our graduates to the companies. 

- To transfer the latest technological advances to create value in those places where they would be useful and necessary.

- To transfer companies created by the Technological Innovation and Business Park and to contribute to the business network development.