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What can the Innova Institute do for you?

The Innova Institute aims to establish an intense relationship with its environment; therefore it uses a wide spectrum of devices and mechanisms to sustain this relationship.

In the socio-economic area, the Institute contributes with the knowledge created by its research projects to help companies and public institutions to understand better new technologies and the innovation’s role in the improvement of its economical and social value, as well as in its competitiveness. The Institute regularly prepares reports that cover a wide range of interests, with in-depth analysis and recommendations. Furthermore, in a regular basis, the Institute also publishes articles, case studies and organizes discussions groups to contribute to new ideas discussions in relation to technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Institute researchers work with the international scientific community to advance in the generation of research in the areas of ICT Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. These efforts are reflected in the publication in academic journals, congresses, presentations and working papers available to those that might be interested in them. The Innova Institute is also involved in the coordination of diverse research groups in the scientific community.


The Innova Institute is closely linked with the teaching programs at the Business Engineering School. These programs benefit from the research outcomes of the Innova Institute. The Innovation, Entrepreneurship and ICT Management courses taught in the engineering and business administration programs benefit from the contributions of the Institute. In a similar manner the Institute offers short-term academic stays and research projects collaboration opportunities.

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