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LaSalleOnLine Engineering offers the second cycle degrees in Computer Science Engineering and Telecommunications System Engineering and the Master in Computer Science Engineering and its Management, Master in Network and Communication Engineering and Master in ICT Management and de complementary courses for the degree in Electronic Systems Engineering in Communications for Technical Communication Engineers and in Computer Engineering for Technical Computer Engineers with a blended methodology which allow those interested to continue studying without attending classes on campus.

The subject’s monitoring will be carried out through Internet. Digital sessions are a learning guide to accompany students during the entire course and are included in La Salle’s eCampus (La Salle’s intranet). The faculty will solve all doubts by e-mails, subject’s forums, and on campus sessions.

Informatics Engineering’s and Telecommunications Engineering’s syllabus are the same for on campus and blended methods. The exam will be the same for both, on campus and blended courses.

Students may enroll to the subjects with the methodology, on campus or blended, which they consider better. They can enroll in some subjects with on campus method and others with blended method in order to adapt the syllabus to their own needs.

Blended subjects will have some on campus sessions for tutoring, practices and problem-solving along the course. The obligatory on campus sessions will be on two dates: one on Saturday and the other any day from Monday to Friday. Optional sessions will be only on Saturdays.


Download blended syllabus for 2011-2012 courses

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