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Research Lines - Innova Institute

The Innova Institute works in the research areas linked to its mission fulfilling its objectives.

Innovation and its life cycle:

his research line includes all issues related to how organizations innovate and the life cycle it follows. With this perspective, this area covers from the creativity to the transformation process of the innovative idea into the product or service. It is also of interest the different shapes that innovation takes in organizations, including the impact of functional areas involvement and the definition of the innovation process implementation.


The study of innovation has been approached from different paradigms, among others, the creative destruction of Shumpeter, the disruptive innovation of Christensen, and more recently, the Open Innovation of Chesbrough. The Innova Institute research aims to make it easier for companies to use these open innovation frameworks to foster the performance of their innovation initiatives.

IT Management:

he field of technology management analyses how organizations govern the impact of technology and technological innovation. It affects both, how organizations try to get the best result of the technology, and the way functional areas optimize the use of technology in its processes and structures. It is also of interest to this research area the study of the diffusion and adoption of new technologies and the variables that affect these processes.


Organizations are required to position themselves in relation to endless waves of technology, ensuring to be capable to adapt to organizational changes. Organizations live in a situation of chaos, in constant change, and after a major adaptation effort on their processes and communication strategies to the demands of the Internet, now they need to foresee how the social networks can help or threaten its strategy and they relation with their partners; all this in a global environment with multi-cultural traits that influence the success of any deployment.


The focus of this research area is in the whole entrepreneurial process, from the detection of opportunities for new venture developments, until the company's projects turns into a reality. It is priority to study the processes of opportunity detection and entrepreneurship from a viewpoint that includes the analysis of the internal and external actors’ participation. A further objective of this field of research is to study the role of the functional areas in the development and start-up of new business projects.


Institutions and governments are aware that entrepreneurship is a key element in the economic development. Therefore, there is a shared interested in analyzing the underlying factors that influence and can promote entrepreneurial opportunities identification and expansion.

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