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N�ria Maci� » Rubén’s and Núria’s tipping point on their way toward completion

Rubén’s and Núria’s tipping point on their way toward completion


Today, Núria Macià  and Rubén Nicolàs have set and explained the basis of their work. Please, join me in congratulating both Rubén and Núria as well as their supervisors Elisabet Golobardes and Ester Bernadó and in encouraging them to continue with their work. The following provides a view summary of the defenses.

DEA Ruben

Rubén’s DEA: At 11:00, Rubén started a nice talk on applying different types of learning algorithms, ranging from clustering techniques to CBR systems alike, to the detection of melanoma cancer. The talk was well developed and presented the hard work done on structuring the data and applying machine learning techniques to the problem. 


DEA NuriaNúria’s DEA: Thereafter, Núria started with a nice reflection on the need for characterizing our learning problems to fully capture the sources of difficulties and link them to the properties of different learning systems. With no doubt, this is an ancient goal stated in many fields (and further investigated in areas such as optimization) that was sort of overlooked in data classification but that needs to be addressed to advance in the current research of pattern recognition. The talk quickly shifted to the impressing contributions already provided by the thesis. Núria’s glancing back to some important lessons and pointing toward new promising research lines finished with the amazing talk.


Wrapping up: Many congrats Rubén and Núria!

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