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MID-CBR meeting

On March 19th and 20th 2009 took place the annual meeting of the MID-CBR (Marco Integrador para el Desarrollo de Sistemas de Razonamiento Basado en Casos, TIN2006-15140-C03) a coordinated project by the Instituto de Investigación de Inteligencia Artificial (IIIA-CSIC; Main Researcher: Dr. Enric Plaza), the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (GAIA-UCM; Main Researcher: Dra. Belén Díaz-Agudo) and the Universitat Ramon Llull (GRSI-URL; Main Researcher: Dra. Elisabet Golobardes). The aim of this meeting was to summarize all the work done, throughout the last year, reported all the articles published and the communications presented in the most relevant journals and conferences of the CBR community. There were also explained the current lines of research and there were proposed future collaborations. In particular, we can highlight some events of the agenda for the first day: Enric Plaza (Research Coordinator) started the meeting presenting the achievement degree of the project goals and the assessment of the different pattern’s project outcome. All this information was reported in the official annual report sent to the Science and Technology Ministry.

A. Sánchez, H. Gómez, P. González, E. Golobardes, J.L. Arcos, J. Recio, C. Garriga, E. Armengol, E. Plaza, M. Castanys, G. Corral, B. Díaz, A. García, D. Vernet, A. Fornells

Then, Juan Antonio Recio and Antonio Sánchez, two members belonging to the GAIA-UCM group presented the last version of jcolibri2, where the most relevant changes are related to their work on textual CBR and the incorporation of templates. There were also presented their beginning in incorporating planification based on descriptive logic for the reuse phase in CBR systems. Secondly, Albert Fornells and Guiomar Corral presented the most recent advances in the MID-CBR project achieved by the GRSI group, both in the melanomas domain and the telematic domain. Thirdly, Eva Armengol and Josep Lluís Arcos from the IIIA introduced their research work in extraction and explanation in lazy domains and in using introspective reasoning to improve CBR system performance, respectively. Enric Plaza was in charge of introducing their first results on Social Choice CBR (based on social networks topologies), where different methodologies inspired on argumentation and poolcasting.
Finally, Pedro González, member of the GAIA-UCM group, presented an overview of their research in artificial intelligence mainly applied on the virtual reality (games) domain.
During a coffee break all the MID-CBR team took the opportunity to visit the laboratory Media Lab La Salle of La Salle Campus.
The last day all the MID-CBR team participated in a brainstorming where all the new research lines were discussed, and where new lines and collaboration were opened. The discussion will make easier the definition of our future work in the CBR framework, making possible the transition from the MID-CBR to futures projects.

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