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Goldberg’s talk about “Not your Grandmother’s Genetic Algorithms”

Prof. David E. Goldberg will embark us in an interesting journey that starts considering simple GAs and follows the road to the design of competent GA, breaking the billion-variable optimization barrier. The talk will be held in Enginyeria i Arquitectura La Salle on December 11 at 18:00. Go here to sign up. In what follows, further information is provided.

Speaker: David E. Goldberg

Title: Not Your Grandmother’s Genetic Algorithm

Abstract: Genetic algorithms (GAs)–search procedures inspired by the mechanics of natural selection and genetics–have been increasingly applied across the spectrum of human endeavor. Genetic algorithms were also a primary ingredient in the rise in interest in the study of complex adaptive and emergent systems. Despite these salutary effects, some persist in thinking of evolutionary processes–and algorithms that rely upon them–as inherently slow, unreliable, and ad hoc, without much theoretical support. This talk briefly introduces GAs, but quickly shifts to a line of work that has succeeded in supporting GA mechanics with bounding design theory that has been used to demonstrate GA scalability, speed, and range of reliable applicability. Key elements of this theory are discussed to give insight into this accomplishment and to make the point that fast, scalable GAs may also be viewed as first-order models of human innovative or inventive processes. The talk highlights recent results in breaking the billion-variable optimization barrier for the first time. It also discusses recent experience with GA-inspired creativity or innovation support systems.

Bio: David E. Goldberg, a leader in the field of genetic algorithms, is the Jerry S. Dobrovolny Distinguished Professor in Entrepreneurial Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is also co-founder and chief scientist of ShareThis Inc., a web2.0 startup company. Trained as a civil engineer at the University of Michigan, where he earned his B.S.E. and took his Ph.D. in 1983, Dr. Goldberg has held positions at Michigan, Alabama, and Illinois. He is co-chair of the inaugural and 2nd Workshop on Philosophy and Engineering (TUDelft & the Royal Academy of Engineeirng), and he was recently name co-director the Illinois Foundation for Innovation in Engineering Education. . Among many honors, he is the recipient of a National Science Foundation Presidential Young Investigator Award, a Wickenden Award presented by the American Society for Engineering Education, and an Outstanding Instructor Award presented by the National Technological University . In addition to articles in professional journals, he is the author of two books on genetic algorithms, the widely-cited Genetic Algorithms in Search, Organization, and Machine Learning (1989) and The Design of Innovation (2002), and, most recently, The Entrepreneurial Engineer, which was published in 2006 by Wiley.

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