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Albert Orriols ends his PhD student time

Pedraforca, magic mountain and symbol of Catalonia, offers wonderful views of the Bergadian countryside and further from its four peaks. On 5 October, Albert Orriols climbed this emblem to place at the top the abstract of his thesis and mark the end of his PhD student time.
The who, how, and more details of the adventure are found in the remainder of the article.

The party, composed of members of the GRSI, members of the lab, and Fí­gols (a lifelong friend of Albert), escorted the valued document to the top, the summary of four pleasant and intensive years of training and research, especially of the fourth (the hardest because one must finish off the work).

The climb took place in a peaceful setting under a blue and sunny sky and was divided into three stages.
A calm, easy walk led us to the “Refugi Lluí­s Estasen”, from where the courteous entourage saw us off.
Until the “Coll del Verdet”, all was joy, energy, and there were some difficulties but we managed to overcome them. At this second stop, some of the troop were a little bit tired so decided to head back to base but no before encouraging us to carry on, reviving the spirit of the five who were left to continue the mission.
At the top, with one of us exhausted (Núria), Albert, excited by the atmosphere, formalized the event with the signatures of those present on the abstract and left the sheet in a safe place. This year, on 31 December, the witches of Pedraforca will have a really interesting reading matter.

The rest of the day was spent at a barbecue at Albert’s home, where his parents treated us wonderfully. Thank you for your kind hospitality!

Finally, we can just say that this period for Albert will close with the thesis presentation on 12 December in front of an impressive examining committee: Prof. David E. Goldberg, Prof. Francisco Herrera, Prof. Martin Butz, Prof. Xavier Llorà, and Prof. Xavier Vilasís.

Good luck! It will not be an easy presentation (unlike the climb)!

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