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Many congratulations Marc!

This week started with the master thesis (PFC) presentation of one of our scholarship holder, Marc Aguilar. I could not attend his presentation but the attendants praised the talk and told me that Marc was fantastic and confident. For this reason, I decided to interview him and you will find below his impressions.


Interviewer: “Marc, were you nervous on Monday?”
Marc: “Well, as a person who is not used to speaking in public, a speech always makes you feel a bit nervous. However, after the first minutes, I forgot about that and felt really comfortable.”

Interviewer: “How was the presentation?”
Marc: “The last days before the presentation, Albert Fornells and I had planned and debated what the content of it and the main concepts that had to be clear to the jury and the rest of the audience should be. I think I managed to explain almost everything we agreed to in a way I liked it. Obviously, there are thousands of ways in which to improve a presentation and I will work to develop better skills in that field.”

Interviewer: “Could you briefly explain what your project consists of?”
Marc: “My project is related to melanoma’s cancer, which is the most lethal skin cancer nowadays. In the framework of a bigger project named MID-CBR (TIN 2006-15140-C03-03), the collaboration between Hospital Clínic i Provincial de Barcelona (HCPB) and GRSI arose to help them face this disease and so did the opportunity to develop what finally became my project.
In it, a conceptual model of the melanoma’s domain was defined –extracting the knowledge from the hospital experts–, a huge database in which to save all the information was created and a web management tool was designed and developed.”

Interviewer: “Do you plan to continue this research line?”
Marc: “As I said in the ‘future work’ section of my presentation, there are two different threads that will be followed: on the one hand, in my master thesis (TFM) I will enhance the management tool and work on the migration of data. On the other hand, data mining will be applied to the data in the database to extract implicit knowledge or patterns in the context of project Next-CBR, the continuation of MID-CBR. Therefore, I am going to continue this research line for some months in my TFM project although I still have to make a decision on what path to take afterwards.”

Many congratulations Marc and thank you for sharing this post with me!

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