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HIS’2008: Special Session on “LCS: New Trends and Challenges”

The special session on LCS: new Trends and Challenges in the 8th Hybrid Intelligent Systems Conference (HIS 2008) aims at bringing together researchers in Learning Classifier Systems (LCS) and Genetic-Based Machine Learning (GBML), with the interest of discussing recent and new perspectives for the research in the field. LCSs were introduced by John H. Holland as a way of applying evolutionary computation to machine learning problems. Since then, the LCS field has benefited from much research leading to competitive learners, with better theoretical support, and many applications. The special session aims to be a forum for researchers to discuss recent developments and future challenges of LCSs. We encourage authors to submit original papers as well as preliminary and promising works in the topics of the special session.

See the CFP for more details.

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