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The ideal engineer

Nowadays our society is worried about the decrease in the number of engineers and we do not understand why the profession that ten years ago was seen the job of the future, has not turned out to be so.

On the 22nd January, the program “Einstein a la platja” on BTV raised this question with experts who described the ideal engineer of the future, what skills should have, and how degrees should be adapted to recover vocational interest in engineering.

In a relaxed discussion, Ramon Ollé, president of the Business Engineering School La Salle, outlined a profession with more business concepts whereas Joan Amat, professor of Univeristat Politècnica de Catalunya, focused on technical abilities.

David E. Goldberg, professor of the University of Illinois, went one step further by proposing a social and entrepreneurial engineer. This new approach, with creativity as a backbone, highlights the importance of engineers in our society where they have moved from a secondary to a main role providing people with new and helpful devices aimed at making their lives easier and enjoyable.


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